Where does our money come from?


In 2017, we received a total of $146,751, and spent $173,903 (which is the least we've spent since I've been the pastor, we've really cut our expenses to the bare bones).

Of this, $39,606 (23% of our total spending) has come from "outside" sources, and $107,145 (62% of our total spending) has come from internal sources (our members and attenders).  This leaves a shortfall of $27,152 (15.6% of our total spending) which has been taken out of our checking account.

Our "Outside" giving

We've received these gifts in 2017

  • $13,250, Private Donor (former member)
  • $10,000, Church of the Good Shepherd
  • $5,256, Private Donor (former member)
  • $3,000, Eastern Carolina Presbytery, MNA Committee
  • $2,500, Peace Presbyterian Church
  • $2,300, Private Donor (former member)
  • $2,000, Christ Central Church
  • $1,000, Private Donor (former member)
  • $1,000, Private Donor (friend of the church)
  • $100, Private Donor (former member)
  • $100, Private Donor (former member)


Where Do we spend our money?


We've cut way back on our spending this year, including a 10% cut in the pastor's salary (this continues into 2018).  Seriously, we've worked real hard to keep our expenses at a minimum, and we welcome any suggestions for cutting back even further.  Here's how we've spent the money 2017:

  • $87,039, the pastor's salary, benefits, and taxes (by far, our biggest expense)
  • $19,200, everything related to our worship service ($15,131 to rent the Century Center)
  • $7,358, all our church community building expenses like childcare and curriculum
  • $21,598, our giving to other missions agencies, RUF (UNC & Duke), and others (12% of spending)
  • $38,707, all our administrative expenses, like Melanie's part-time salary, and office rent

What about our future?

First, the Bad News

Right now, we have $56,613 in the bank (Dec. 31, 2018).

The Session has decided that if and when our bank account diminishes to $30,000, we will close the doors of the church (as it operates now), pay our bills, and offer severance packages to Pastor William and to Melanie, our part-time Administrator/Ministry Director.  

So, we have $26,613 "to work with."  As stated above, we lost more than that in 2017, and December is always a big month for income.  Therefore, unless things change dramatically, GCC may close its doors this summer (2018).

Then, the good news

The bad news is bad, but the good news is equally good!  God is clearly at work.  If it was clear that this was the "end" of GCC, I would be sad, but quite willing to help us all mourn the loss and move to God's next thing for each of us.  However, that is not at all clear.  Here are some incredible signs of God's miraculous future for us:

  • We are looking to bring in as many as 15 new members, including at least one baptism on Easter Sunday 2018.  This does not include the 8 people who have been coming regularly since January, and consider GCC to be their church home.
  • After years of searching and praying, it seems a session of local elders is on the near horizon, maybe by the end of the year.  God has sent us a few excellent candidates!
  • After years of searching and praying, it seems we have a new (excellent!) worship music director.  He will start late March for a 3-month trial.  He's been attending our church recently and has led us 3 times already.  He seems to be a perfect fit!
  • From the perspective of group dynamics, our community is healthier than any other time during my 7+ years as the pastor.  Our group is small, but we love each other deeply.  We are tired, but together, with one, single vision (for the first time) that everyone sees and is pursuing together.  It is a joy to lead this group!  This is the reason for the great growth we're seeing with new people.

Building a church community in Carrboro is slow, but it is happening.  God is at work, powerfully, and we are seeing many wonderful transformations.  Studies (and experience) tell us that people start giving money to a church community about 6-9 months after they are committed and plugged in.  Our community is growing, but our giving is not, yet.  We expect it will soon.  Please help us bridge the gap, so the ministry can continue.

For more information, please ask any question, and I'll be happy to respond quickly.

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