Where does our money come from?

January - October 2017

We've received a total of $112,323.  Of this, $31,756 (22% of our total spending) has come from "outside" sources, and $80,567 (56% of our total spending) has come from internal sources (our members and attenders).  This leaves a shortfall of $32,234 (22% of our total spending) which has been taken out of our checking account.

Our "Outside" giving

We've received these gifts so far this year:


Where Do we spend our money?

January - October 2017

We've cut way back on our spending this year, including a 10% cut in the pastor's salary.  Seriously, we've worked real hard to keep our expenses at a minimum, and we welcome any suggestions for cutting back even further.  Here's how we're spending the money for the first 3 quarters of 2017:

  • $75,366, the pastor's salary, benefits, and taxes (by far, our biggest expense)
  • $16,371, everything related to our worship service ($12,676 to rent the Century Center)
  • $6,068, all our church community building expenses like childcare and curriculum
  • $16,177, our giving to other missions agencies, RUF (UNC & Duke), and others
  • $32,796, all our administrative expenses, like Melanie's part-time salary, and office rent

For more information, please ask any question, and I'll be happy to respond quickly.

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