GCC Wishlist


We put up big flags and signs on Sundays and they have attracted many new visitors, some have become part of our church community.  We'd like to continue advertising the church to the Carrboro and Chapel Hill community because we are finding that it brings people to our church, and ultimately to Jesus.  However, advertising is expensive.  Could you help us advertise?

  • $3000, a video for our website that helps visitors (to the site) see what a typical Sunday is like at GCC.  I like this example.  
  • $2000, to purchase 100 yard signs, give them to our members to distribute, getting our members involved in advertising the church.


Our regular, ongoing ministry is expensive, and we have recently cut back our spending on most of these things, could you help us pay for these things?

  • [$2000], [nope, this one has already been donated] update our sound equipment.  We have been using a sound system that would accommodate a 10 piece band, even though we usually only have 2-4 people leading music each week.  It's too heavy to carry, complicated to set up, and intimidating to learn.  
  • $1200, books for our first-time visitors, for one year.
  • $1200, one month's rental of the Century Center, in the center of Carrboro, need 12 of these.
  • $500, Children's ministry.  This will cover us for the entire year buying snacks, curriculum, craft supplies, etc.
  • $500, "Thank-you" cards for first time visitors, including gift cards to a Caffe Driade.  This will cover us for the year!
  • $500, "Thank-you" cards and little gifts for our many volunteers: setup team, coffee team, children's ministry, musicians, etc.  This will cover us for the year!
  • $300, covers one Potluck Lunch.  Seriously, we've had to cut back here, sadly.  We could really use 4 of these..


These are things that Pastor William Sofield (that's me!) could really use, but we just don't have the money.

  • [$3000] [nope, this has already been donated] professional development, including online coaching would be super-helpful to me.
  • $2000, a new computer.  We can limp along for a little while longer with the current computer, but we could really use an update.
  • $1000, Bible/Theology electronic resources: Logos 7, Silver, Reformed.  This would make sermon and teaching preparation much faster and more robust, with resources in the ancient languages, maps, church history, classic theology texts, etc.
  • $500, a good high-quality work-horse printer.  My current, cheap printer, is on it's last legs.
  • $300, covers the costs of books for 1 sermon series.  I've had to cut back seriously on my book budget.  I could really use 3 more of these, 1 has already been donated, thanks!

Questions, Comments, Encouragements, Suggestions for

Pastor William

text or call: 919.699.1679