How's it Going?

Same 'ole Grace Community

In many ways, we're the same 'ole Grace Community you love.  These are things we're still passionate about:

  • Weekly Communion
  • Laid-back, community-oriented worship services, we stay long after the benediction!
  • Warmly connecting with new visitors: free books!
  • Quarterly worship with St. Joseph CME Church and Love Chapel Hill, rotating location
  • Strong, gospel-centered, Christ-exalting preaching that starts in the head, and goes to the heart
  • Lots of kids running around after the service, enjoying the community
  • Strong connections and friendships throughout the week
  • Supporting Heavenly Groceries (used to be "the Bread Ministry") at St. Joseph
  • Lots of graduate students and other young families
  • Pot-luck lunches in the Fall after the worship service

New things happening, too

On the other hand, in the last year we've seen some exciting changes:

  • One adult baptism, a Chinese woman who initially visited our church mostly as a cultural experience.  After a few years, with the help of GCC friends, she suddenly realized she believed in the gospel.  
  • Two new families from "liberal" churches committed to GCC. They sadly left their liberal churches after 30+ years when they finally realized that the gospel was no longer a priority.  They were first attracted to GCC because of our work in racial & denominational harmony, and have re-discovered the power of the gospel proclaimed in the preaching.
  • We are "gray-ing," that is, we have 2 new families over 65 years old, and 2 more over 50 years old, this is good news!
  • With the focused articulation of our (old) vision, we started long-term discipleship groups in August 2017 led by Kirtleys, Wells, and Katherine Sofield.  By all accounts, these groups are quickly becoming safe places for people to be honest about their brokenness, and approach each other with grace and acceptance.
  • August 2017, Sunday School classes for all ages!  This is going really well, too!  Remember when we had huge issues with staffing our children's ministry?  No longer.  

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